Fighting Bad Air

Building the look of an air quality tracker app and its brand experience.
Art Direction, UI Design
Rush Hour Media

Make Air Quality Visible.

Aethaer is an air-quality and mask usage tracking app. Which will warn you to put on your mask if the air quality is bad, and will let you know when it’s time to get a new mask when the old one is fully used up. Air quality data is presented and analyzed in various formats in this application, and My mission is to form a comprehensive interface that can clearly demonstrate the information and deliver a reliable, cohesive brand image.

User Dashboard.

Main features of Aethaer dashboard includes showing air quality data by times and areas, analyzing user’s daily data, and tracking usage of mask.

Custom Iconography & Product Specifications

Iconographic language is one of the key element for Aethaer visual identity system. It is widely used across the application to help convey the messages.

Brand Landing Pages

Apart from the application, we also designed the brand's website. The website contains various kinds of pages. From about page to e-commerce shop, and an online air-quality tracker to a news section with the latest insights.

Tailored E-commerce Experience

A tailored e-commerce experience is designed for Aethaer mask shop. The product cards contain clean imagery and a quick order feature. Also there's a section specially created to showcase the testing data of each mask in the product details page.
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