Furnishing Digital Impression

Revamping the website of a boutique furniture store.
Art Direction, UX/UI
Rush Hour Media

Make catalogue fashionable.

ARCHETYPAL is a one-stop platform for design-led housewear from all over the world. The hand-picked selection of the brand share the luxurious taste with elegant sophistication, and they asked the agency to create a catalogue site which reflects this identity.
I was assigned to be the lead designer for the site revamp. When I started designing the site, I pictured the interface to be minimal and modern but at the same time provide diverse layout that let the products shine.

Modern Luxury

Comorant is chosen to be the leading serif fonts and Work Sans is used as subtitles or secondary bodies. The typography combination against the monotone grey background, with a touch of gold color, and generous spacing together establish the overall look of modern luxury.

Spotlight on the Products

Whenever possible, the product should be the lead character of the webpage. Full-width banner and big product cards therefore fill up most of the space on the interface. Hover effect on index page is also used as a way to showcase more product images.

Minimal Interface with Human Touches

Although “less is more” is the motif of the site, small details such as the use of fine lines and brownish grey color, fade-in animation, and subtle shadow are there to add human touches to the minimal interface.
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