Empowering Domestic Workers

Reinventing the digital event registration experience for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.
Art Direction, UX/UI, Illustration
Rush Hour Media

Make registration process easy for non-tech savvy

Enrich is the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers. The old event registration platform couldn’t fulfill the needs of their target users–domestic workers who are not familiar with the digital languages, and even may not have an email address. After researching in the lifestyle and difficulties of the workers, I’ve come up with a new strategy tailored to the specific user group.

The platform is built with obvious call-to-actions, custom filters, and straightforward navigations. A vivid visual languages is also created to light up the experience.
Gaga has done a wonderful job on Enrich's website. She's empowered to move forward with a fresh, fun and contemporary look, capturing the spirit of what we do.
Zamira Monteiro, Communications Officer of Enrich

A Lively Brand Identity

The project involved completely revamping the look of the brand while still providing a bridge to the existing identity. Working with one of the toughest color combination– dark purple and pine green, I introduce the light variety of the two colors to bright up the overall theme.

Friendly Illustrations

A female character Maria is created to facilitate the communications of the brand’s workshops and events. Curved shapes and delightful colors are chosen to form a series of easy-to-understand graphics, which then become an essential part of the brand’s identity.

A Smooth Registration Flow

The Enrich team was looking for a tailored solution for workshop registration. Based on the feedbacks of migrant workers, we built the entire digital journey for them to find suitable classes and register online.

User-focused Dashboard

The dashboard is designed to help the user track their workshop progress and direct them to the relevant resources. We also make use of the interface and create a game-like experience to encourage workers to finish the workshops.
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